Challenge 2:

Skills training for Oracle EBS is specialized

The move to the cloud is well underway: 96 percent of organizations now use the cloud in some form or fashion.

Even Oracle itself is pushing the cloud over on-premise, telling customers that “you can’t afford not to move your applications to the cloud.” According to a report by Nucleus Research, cloud software offers 3.2 times the return on investment of on-premise solutions.

It’s only natural, then, that new DBAs are following this trend. Add to that the fact that very specialized skills are required of a DBA that manages Oracle applications vs databases. An Oracle Apps DBA needs skills in business administration and Oracle application server architectures, as well as:

  • Database design
  • Oracle application server
  • Oracle concurrent manager
  • Oracle applications performance tuning & monitoring
  • Functional expertise for the specific applications used

Where does this leave the companies who need these DBAs?

Challenge 3: You need flexibility and innovation


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