Case in Point:

Optics Manufacturing Company

A world-class optics manufacturing company faced a challenge: both of their Oracle EBS DBAs were retiring, and they were faced with replacing them. These DBAs had been with the company for many years, keeping mission-critical Oracle applications running. The company wasn’t looking forward to the investment of both time and budget to recruit, interview, hire, and train two new EBS DBAs in a market with a declining talent pool.

Datavail came on the scene and worked with the management team to evaluate the types of tasks their two DBAs had been spending the majority of their time on. They discovered that the majority of the work was reactive in nature – responding to issues, application crashes, and running standard maintenance tasks. It was determined that they likely needed a little less than two full-time DBAs to get the work done.

In fact, they could further reduce the hours of work needed by using Datavail’s Oracle Applications DBAs who were experienced with implementing proactive measures like health checks, performance tuning, and optimization techniques to reduce incidents across the board.

Now they have the Oracle applications expertise they need, when they need it without the struggle of finding talent in a retiring workforce, or wrestling with employee churn. Their applications are managed strategically and proactively so they can now rely on greater uptime and reliability.


The company partnered with Datavail and received the following valuable benefits:

  • 24x7 managed services
  • Weekend, holiday, and overnight support without the need to worry about vacation coverage
  • Experienced DBAs who bring modern solutions to the table
  • Proactive support to reduce downtime
  • Flexibility to adjust to the latest best practices
  • Strategic approach to application management
  • Wide range of expertise including GoldenGate, WebLogic, ODI, and more
  • Real-time data integration