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By Avinash Kumar | On August 27th 2015
How Do I Upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c?
Oracle Enterprise Manager is no longer a simple tool, but a full line of enterprise technology solutions. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c allows users to take advantage of cloud computing for a wide range of benefits. According to Oracle, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c is designed to: Reduce downtime by up to 90%. Improve staff productivity by up to 75%. Reduce capital expenditures on servers by 20% or more. Increase IT agility while lowering the cost of managing…
By Ninad Sonawane | On August 26th 2015
SQL Geeks
For the first time in India, or all of Asia for that matter, the SQL community will be gathering for a conference and rest assured – Datavail DBAs will be there. The SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 (SSGAS), taking place over three days in Bangalore, will feature expert sessions from industry leaders and Microsoft SQL Server experts from far and wide. It will undoubtedly be a great opportunity for our team to sharpen their skills, learn new, cutting-edge skills, and catch…
By Eric Russo | On August 20th 2015
With more than 100 different NoSQL databases available, how do you choose one for your enterprise? InfoWorld suggests choosing one of the three most popular: MongoDB, Cassandra, and HBase. Before looking at these three further, let’s look at the wider NoSQL environment. There are now five different categories, or classes, of NoSQL databases, according to Meta S. Brown, author of Data Mining for Dummies, writing for Forbes. Each of these is best suited for specific types of data analysis. The categories include column families, which…
By Craig Mullins | On August 19th 2015
Adding Column Names to an Unload File
I received an e-mail from a reader asking an interesting question. She wanted to know if any of the DB2 unload utilities are able to include the column names in the same file as the unload output data. This was a requirement because one of the applications her company was planning to use takes the column headings and dynamically creates tables. My initial reaction was that she could write a program that takes the output file and reads the system catalog…