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By JP Chen | On July 28th 2015
You may need to find out the filegroups that are in a database, the logical file name, initial size, autogrowth/maxsize, path, and file name so that you can determine if files in a filegroup exist on separate hard drives with free disk space and if the files are not limited in size. In addition, you may wish to increase the file autogrowth size if they are set at rather small increments or set to increase by a percentage. You can right-click on the database and select “Properties” in the pop-up menu,then click on the “Files” page. You will be able…
By Bill Mitalski | On July 23rd 2015
Database administrators serve an essential role in helping to develop applications and are central to the process because they are most familiar with the data on which the applications are based. But they must also use their soft skills to solve tough issues in the development process. Soft skills like being a team player, accepting of feedback and flexibility are key to a successful DBA working on developing applications. These skills help ensure a successful project. A database administrator can guide and coordinate the development of such projects,…
By Robin Caputo | On July 20th 2015
What To Look For In Database Managed Services
Data plays an integral role in business and the explosion in the amount of data poses a real challenge to database managers. Often, managers find that the hands-on management of all of this data overwhelming. So what options are there? Cloud-based database management provides organizations with database expertise when they are needed, where they are needed, and at the scale needed. There are several things to look for in a managed service provider. A Managed Service Provider Checklist A managed service…
By Robin Caputo | On July 15th 2015
Many managers of DBAs face the challenge of providing 24/7 coverage for their organization but often at the expense of job satisfaction of their team. When an organization doesn’t have 24×7 support, the senior database administrator is typically forced to do low-level work and is placed on-call for emergencies. She becomes bogged down in “administrivia” and is unable to operate effectively. Her talents are squandered. This results in frustration that creates ripples of negatively throughout the organization. Cloud-based database administration services make it simple for clients to…