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By Eric Russo | On November 25th 2015
Performance troubleshooting
Exploration is something we all do when a new releases come of a software. Along with many new features in SQL Server 2016, one of the developer and DBA friendly features is Live Query Statistics. If you are a DBA or developer, there must have been situations where a query takes a long time to execute and “actual” query plan can only be seen once execution is completed. There are multiple ways to enable the feature. SQL Server Management Studio As shown in screenshot below, highlighted is a small button which enables this feature of Live Query Statistics. In real life…
By Pinal Dave | On November 24th 2015
JSON Support
Every five years we seem to see technology innovations that rock the industry and I am amazed to see how we seem to have to make a fresh start every other year. About 15 years back, I still remember that XML was brought to the industry. It was evolving and I still remember XML took mainstage when web services, WSDL and other technologies took off. In the recent past, with WebAPI and other message interchange formats I have started to see JSON as a famous format commonly…
By Scott Frock | On November 23rd 2015
I had the good fortune of being able to attend the Cloud Expo/DevOps Conference in Santa Clara earlier this month. It was a great opportunity to hear from many thought leaders in our industry and experience the unique spirit and culture that only Silicon Valley emits. As I reflect on the event during my long plane ride home, one of the things that stands out from the event is that the each presenter felt the need to define the term DevOps within their presentation. This tells me one thing –…
By Esayas Aloto | On November 19th 2015
What to Expect with MongoDB 3.2
MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database designed specifically for online transaction processing. It can be used for mobile applications, customer data management, and content management. You may have only begun exploring this open-source database environment, but the newest features available in MongoDB 3.2 may prove irresistible. This will be a major release. Kelly Stirman, vice president of strategy at MongoDB, told a technology news website: This release will expand the types of use cases that MongoDB is great for, such as in-memory computing and use within highly regulated…