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Sharing Our Point of View
By Chuck Ezell | On July 2nd 2014
Polyglot Programming
A database development concept in circulation for several years holds that developers should be able to pick and choose the best tool for a specific job. The theory, known as polyglot programming, was reintroduced by Neil Ford, with others, namely Martin Fowler, picking up the idea. Is the approach valid or useful in the enterprise database development environment? Opinions vary widely, but these vastly divided opinions offer database professionals ideas they can apply in their own organizations. I’d like to offer some views as these concepts might…
By Andy McDermid | On June 25th 2014
Data Collector
In a previous blog post we talked about what scares me most. Sharks and avalanches. While they may terrify me, they are still pretty cool… when you know enough about them. This is similar to the dangers of the Data Collector and Management Data Warehouse (MDW). But I set out to learn more about them and I share my insight with you here. We left off on the “sharks,” or in other words, what happens after you enable and configure the Data Collector. The Sharks: Once you enable and…
By Andy McDermid | On June 23rd 2014
The Data Collector Part 1
What is scary to you? For me, top of the list, it’s avalanches and sharks. And I am afraid of the Data Collector. Yup… a little-bit. And also the Management Data Warehouse. I’m not the only one; when I attended SQL Skills IE2 last year (which is excellent by the way) the introduction to the topic was met with audible groans. In fact, we skipped right over it and on to the next module. Perhaps we all should feel little trepidatious since within…
By Robin Caputo | On June 17th 2014
IT Employee Retention
Creating a positive workplace can play a key role in employee retention. Organizations with satisfied, happy employees find they are able to attract and keep talented staff. Strategic outsourcing can be an effective means of enhancing the workplace satisfaction of permanent employees. “Highly engaged employees are innovative, loyal, and they’re far less likely to leave,” says John Rivard, research director for infrastructure and operations at Gartner. These employees also help attract…