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By Joel Beam | On January 28th 2015
Accidental DBA
Transaction logs are a vital but frequently mismanaged component of the SQL Server Database environment. Transaction log issues are a challenge most of our clients face at some point. The problem occurs when transaction log files for backups are not managed properly, leading to a hard drive filling up or other issues. The problem is very common, but transaction logs can be easily pruned and problems prevented. As we explained in a prior post about becoming an “Accidental DBA”, it’s tough when you’re a new database…
By Andy McDermid | On January 13th 2015
Three Ideas for Returning Microsoft SQL Queries Faster
Would you like to make your users happy? Give them the information they need through optimization that allows SQL queries to be returned faster. Here are three quick items to add to your “do” list to generally improve performance by increasing system concurrency. One caveat: these suggestions may not provide uniform results. These tips should be applicable across different types of databases, but your mileage may vary. Before plunging ahead, you may want to make certain your databases are fully backed up…
By Craig Mullins | On December 30th 2014
Lock Contention
I frequently get e-mails with DB2 questions and I plan to start posting answers to some of the more common ones up here. One issue that comes up a lot is dealing with locking issues. Usually it is posed by someone who is experiencing timeouts in an online environment and they want to know how to minimize them. Here is some guidance. When you experience a timeout, it means that another process holds a lock on the data that you are trying to modify. So, it stands…
By Andy McDermid | On December 26th 2014
Location Options for Running SQL Server
If you want to run SQL Server, you’re no longer limited to having it operate from a box in a closet. You have a lot of choices, some of which we cover below. Virtual Machines Virtual machines, which are software abstractions of a hardware server, can be used to run SQL Server. In the InformationWeek 2014 State of Database Technology survey, this was the preferred running environment. In reviewing the survey findings, Don Boxley Jr., a co-founder of the technology start-up DH2i Company, stated: